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August 7, 2023

Tzu Chi’s Bicol scholars express gratitude

It took a Tzu Chi scholarship to change the lives of Susie Camata and Fe Callos. Both from Bicol, each girl soldiered on despite her personal struggle. Susie’s father, given his meager salary was forever in debt to support their education. Fe was traumatized by the gruesome murder of her father, a crime perpetrated by her uncle. With a Tzu Chi scholarship, they now have hope and dreams. Susie can focus on her studies without worrying about expenses. And Fe plans to become a social worker so she can help others the way Tzu Chi helped her.

“Thank you with all my heart for making me a part of Tzu Chi and its wonderful program that helps the less fortunate like me. Please continue with what you do,” says Fe.

“Not everyone is given this opportunity, so let’s be grateful.” adds Susie.

菲律賓慈濟米骨區助學生感恩慈濟助學方案改變了蘇茜·卡瑪塔和菲·卡洛斯的生活。兩個女孩都來自米骨,儘管她們各自的掙扎,但每個女孩都堅持自己的將來。蘇茜的父親以他微薄的薪水支持女兒的教育,但是他永遠是負債纍纍。Fe因叔叔謀殺她父親而受到創傷。有了慈濟獎學金,他們現在有了希望和夢想。蘇茜可以專注於她的學業,而不必擔心費用。而Fe計劃成為一名社工員,這樣她就可以像慈濟一樣幫助別人。 “衷心感謝你們讓我成為慈濟的一部分,感謝你們協助像我這樣不幸的人。請繼續你的工作,“Fe說。 “不是每個人都有這個機會,所以讓我們心存感恩,”蘇西補充道。
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