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Marikina Relief Operation for Jeepney Drivers

August 30, 2020 | Daniel Lazar

Jeepney drivers line up to receive relief goods in Barangay Parang, Marikina City.

Story Highlights

  • Continuing a series of relief operation aimed at helping Jeepny drivers, Tzu Chi Foundation and local volunteers provided medium-term assistance to 829 Jeepney drivers in Marikina City and distributed rice, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil and other daily essentials.


During the early morning of Sunday, August 30, over 60 Tzu Chi volunteers & 77 Marikina City Government volunteers joined hands in providing assistance to 829 Jeepney drivers of Marikina City by distributing rice, soy sauce, vinegar, cooking oil and other daily essentials. Having lost their livelihood due to the ongoing pandemic, Jeepney drivers are in dire need of support to help their families.

As a result, the local government was grateful that the Tzu Chi Foundation continues to help the residents of Marikina in the same way they did during the time of Typhoon Ondoy back in 2009. Vice Mayor of Marikina City, Dr. Marion Andres expressed his gratitude to the Tzu Chi Foundation.

“You have given hope to our drivers because it has been months since they’ve had any income and we are happy that Tzu Chi is able to assist them. That’s why we are so grateful. Tzu Chi volunteers are hardworking, especially during calamities, and the Tzu Chi Foundation continues to be a great help to the people of the Philippines.”

Over 800 Jeepney drivers received goods from this Tzu Chi relief operation, and Dr. Andres noted how “Tzu Chi has given hope to our drivers, as they have been really hard hit by this pandemic, and they have not been able to provide a livelihood for their families for several months.”

As such, Marikina City Councilor, Manuel Sarmiento added that “the city has also been working hand-in-hand with the local government to help the Jeepney drivers during this difficult period.”

And it has been a tremendously difficult period indeed, as almost all Jeepney drivers have been out of work since the beginning of the ECQ, which started earlier this year in March.

Henry Del Mundo has been a Jeepney driver for 28 years, and has had a difficult time supporting his family during this period. “I am very grateful to the Tzu Chi Foundation,” he said, “these provisions will be a great help to my family. Thank you, Tzu Chi.”

With more relief operations to follow throughout Metro Manila in the coming weeks, the Tzu Chi Foundation will be working closely with local officials to help alleviate the hardships faced by our Jeepney drivers.

  • Jeepnies arriving at the relief site.

  • Jeepney drivers and their Jeepneys lined up to receive relief aid.

  • Firefighters from the Marikina Filipino Chinese Fire Brigade on hand to ensure safety.

  • Lining up inside the covered basketball court to receive their QR cards.

  • Tzu Chi CEO Henry Yunez and Tzu Chi member Woon coordinating with local officials.

  • Local volunteers together with Tzu Chi members helping sort relief goods.

  • Vice Mayor Marion Andres lending a helping hand.

  • Tzu Chi and local volunteers helping Jeepney drivers with their relief goods.

  • Local volunteers helping unload relief goods from trucks.

  • Volunteers assisting Jeepney drivers.

  • Local volunteers assisting families of Jeepney drivers carry their relief goods.

  • Jeepney driver showing his QR card and face shield he received.

  • Tzu Chi members assisting Jeepney drivers’ families with relief goods.

  • A sea of Jeepnies waiting at the covered basketball court in Barangay Parang, Marikina City.